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Ever Forward Radio with Chase Chewning

Welcome to EVER FORWARD RADIO! The podcast that brings you empowering messages and interviews from industry leaders of fitness, nutrition, mindset, entrepreneurship and personal development to help you life a life ever forward.

Jul 25, 2022

Food is what’s killing us in this country. Did you know that living in the United States for 10 years increases your risk of developing food allergies? That’s pretty nutty, but not as nutty as our guest, whom we have dubbed “Certified Nut Job,” Sonia Hunt.

Sonia Hunt is a Tedx Speaker, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and #1 Best-Selling Author of “NUT JOB: How I Crushed My Food Allergies to Thrive”. Sonia is known for her journey of, after almost dying four times, becoming food allergy-free from 32+ foods. Horrific experiences with anaphylaxis led her to optimize her life and share the lessons she learned with the world and with you!

In this discussion, Chase and Sonia talk about all things allergies – what’s in our foods that may or may not be causing internal and external havoc and, more importantly, what to do about your food allergies. She details her holistic approach to finding the root cause of her severe food allergies and the mind-blowing realizations she had along the way.

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Key Highlights

  • Sonia dissected every area of her life and worked with a variety of medical practitioners to get to the root cause of her suffering. A decade later, in 2020, she found out that she had eliminated all her food allergies and is still in remission today. How did she do it? Listen in to find out!
  • “The very first step to change is changing your mindset,” Sonia says. She didn’t love herself and she had been living on autopilot based on how society was telling her to live. This realization was her catalyst to start pivoting her mindset, taking back her power, and healing her health issues.
  • Sonia sheds light on how she manages the inner critic and the fear of “relapsing” and reacting to former allergens again.
  • Gut health was a major part of what Sonia and her doctors investigated and worked to improve. More research is coming out showing the correlation between Leaky Gut Syndrome, which Sonia has, and food allergies. Exercise, Ayurveda, supplementation, and eliminating environmental toxins in the home also helped her eliminate her allergies.
  • Sonia shares what she’s excited for in the future, highlighting her recent health coach certification, Three to Be™ program, and the role of technology and the metaverse in improving our physical self holistically.

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