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Ever Forward Radio with Chase Chewning

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Aug 22, 2022

Every veteran and first responder deserves healing, peace, and a thriving life. Unfortunately, too many veterans are struggling with mental illnesses like PTSD and struggle to live the lives they want and get the help they deserve. But there are silver linings!

Meet Kelsi Sheren, a veteran, author, mother, wellness and mental health advocate, CEO & Founder of Brass & Unity, and Host of The Brass & Unity Podcast. Kelsi is an incredible force in the veteran community as she has dedicated her post-military life to helping her fellow soldiers get a second chance at life.

In this discussion, Chase speaks with Kelsi about her efforts in raising mental health awareness for veteran communities. The pair talk about everything from psychedelic therapy and accountability to holistic tactics for healing yourself and others.


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Key Highlights

  • Is there a safe way for people to do ketamine-assisted psychotherapy at home? As an enthusiastic user of and advocate for psychedelics and cannabis, Kelsi shares her honest answer to this question, emphasizing the importance of having a guide in the right set and setting.
  • As veterans, how do we push past the fear of getting mental health support and treatment? Kelsi and Chase talk about how veterans can become more aware of their mental health and how they can cultivate a sense of safety in their lives.
  • Integration and accountability are the keys to improving and sustaining your mental health. No one is going to come and save you or do your healing for you. “We have to take responsibility for our own healing,” Kelsi says, “When it comes to starting the process, go up the chain if you have to, go to a civilian if necessary… there are so many resources now in the veteran community that you can call and reach out to that are not within the system that can really, truly help advise you.”
  • Kelsi sheds light on the powerful benefits received from veteran healing/mental health programs like Heroic Hearts Project, Defenders of Freedom, and VETS, which she herself has utilized to heal.

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