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Ever Forward Radio with Chase Chewning

Welcome to EVER FORWARD RADIO! The podcast that brings you empowering messages and interviews from industry leaders of fitness, nutrition, mindset, entrepreneurship and personal development to help you life a life ever forward.

May 8, 2023

Cody McBroom shares his perspective on the art of physical and mental transformation, optimization, and personal development. He equips you with tangible ways to optimize your health, fitness, and body composition (with or without a coach) while focusing more on things that bring you happiness and fulfillment.

Cody McBroom is a Sports Nutritionist, Online Trainer, Body-Comp Expert, and Founder & CEO of Tailored Coaching Method, a lifestyle training and nutrition coaching company that understands every individual is unique and deserves a specifically tailored approach (that's backed by science) to their fitness and nutrition.


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Key Highlights

  • What contributes more to happiness: personal evolution or professional evolution?
  • The Art of Transformation: Why should we listen to our feelings when working towards health and fitness goals? When should we lean into a feeling more than a workout or meal plan and when should we push our feelings aside?
  • Cody’s approach to coaching people through maintenance.
  • Tangible ways to optimize your health, fitness, sleep, and body composition.
  • The important connection between hormones, sleep, and body composition.
  • Cody’s candid opinion on body positivity.
  • Why people are focusing too much on mobility and too little on developing self-discipline.

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