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Ever Forward Radio with Chase Chewning

Welcome to EVER FORWARD RADIO! The podcast that brings you empowering messages and interviews from industry leaders of fitness, nutrition, mindset, entrepreneurship and personal development to help you life a life ever forward.

Jun 20, 2022

Animal protein, according to Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, is the key to preventing disease and promoting longevity. Plant protein can be one's alternative choice but it may be missing the mark for you in terms of total wellness potential. And what about body composition, chronic disease and illness? The common conception is that obesity is the root cause of most diseases. The reality is we don’t have a body fat problem, we’re just under-muscled… That’s the concept that drives the work of this week’s guest. 

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, DO is a physician who founded the concept and the Institute of Muscle Centric Medicine®. 

In this discussion, Chase and Dr. Gabrielle Lyon have a transparent conversation about the history of food and nutritional science, the power of Muscle Centric Medicine®, and the non-negotiable science behind controversial health topics, including protein and RDAs. This is an info-packed episode that will either leave you speechless or running to share the news with your loved ones!


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Key Highlights

  • Dr. Gabrielle Lyon defines Muscle Centric Medicine® as the concept that muscle is the organ of longevity that determines everything about how we age. 
  • “If we are muscle centric, we can change the trajectory of how we age,” Dr. Gabrielle says. 
  • The primary drivers of disease are insulin resistance and skeletal muscle. Listen in as Dr. Gabrielle breaks down the definition of insulin resistance and explains the role of glucose, blood sugar, and skeletal muscle in maintaining health and longevity. 
  • Humans’ relationship with and understanding of food is rooted in religion and emotion, not just science. Many things have influenced what we eat and the way we eat it. Dr. Gabrielle details the history of food and nutritional science over the last 100+ years and what that means for us today.
  • She shares the hard science you need to know behind controversial topics in nutrition including protein and the quality of protein, recommended dietary allowances (RDAs), and longevity.
  • Should I go plant-based? What’s the difference between animal protein and plant protein? How many grams of protein should I be eating in a meal/day? What supplements should I take as a vegetarian/vegan? Tune in to hear Dr. Gabrielle’s science-backed answers!

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