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Ever Forward Radio with Chase Chewning

Welcome to EVER FORWARD RADIO! The podcast that brings you empowering messages and interviews from industry leaders of fitness, nutrition, mindset, entrepreneurship and personal development to help you life a life ever forward.

Feb 28, 2022

Michael Chernow believes that anyone can reinvent themselves. The New York-based restaurateur, TV host, and fitness personality came a long way, recalling a past defined by depression, unemployment, and crumbling relationships with his own family.

“I hated myself, truly,” Michael admits. Everything changed one day when he walked into a Muay Thai gym and was gently yet firmly led by his instructors to live a life of physical wellness (which included a daily bowl of oatmeal for breakfast) along with a heavy dose of self-respect.

Asked about fear, Michael distinguishes between living in fear and living with fear and why he believes that the key to growth is through giving up the former and learning to deal with the latter. As for his own fears, Michael says that he has never had a fear of failure, particularly once he had gotten on the road to turning his life around.

Michael dives deep into the power of habit, which he illustrates by talking about his meticulous early morning routine involving around 17 activities. Michael contends that each of these activities, when done, is a win, and so “by 6:00 in the morning, I’ve literally won 17 times,” ensuring that his “ability to make great decisions throughout the day are far greater.”

His strong belief in positive rituals—and oatmeal—was the spark that led to the launch of the lifestyle and wellness brand Kreatures of Habit and its plant-based, gluten-free, superfood-laced oatmeal The PrOATagonist.


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