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Ever Forward Radio with Chase Chewning

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Aug 19, 2021

For transgender activist Precious Brady-Davis, her turning point came when she realized that she had to love herself first before she would be able to open her heart and attract those who could truly love her. “People can’t give you what you don’t have.”, she says.

Having grown up in the Pentecostal faith, she recalls her seemingly endless struggle with being othered by her own religious circle for being a biracial, gender-nonconforming kid. But the same “neglect, instability, and abandonment” that she experienced daily as a child only fueled her determination to find acceptance—even if it meant stepping away from her faith community.

Her journey led her to become what she is today: “A trans woman fully actualized, absolutely confident, and precious.” She lives with her husband Myles—who is transmasculine—and infant daughter Zayn.

In July 2021, Precious released her memoir, I Have Always Been Me, in which she looks back on 35 years that began with immense trauma, and how she was able to turn it all around.


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