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Feb 24, 2021

"Humans are creators. But I think we’ve lost touch with the divine creativity that exists inside of each and every one of us because we’ve forgotten somehow that we are part of a larger story."

Katelyn Dowling, Ph.D., is the Founder and CEO of Sustainable Self, Inc., which offers coaching and consulting services broadly within the sustainability space. She is also a sought-after speaker who covers a variety of topics from imagination and creativity to the secret superpower of your heart’s electromagnetic field.

Chase and Dr. Dowling discuss his personal experience undergoing The Quantum Clinic, a service offered at Sustainable Self which uses the experimental scalar energy device, the RASHA, to soften the veil between one’s conscious and unconscious world. The goal of the session is to usher a person into a state of oneness, gather unique insights about themselves, and heal—all in ways that can only be achieved upon surrendering to their body’s innate wisdom.

On a macro level, Dr. Dowling calls for humanity to “return to indiginous ways of knowing, being, and relating to oneself and one’s environment.” With the planet collapsing ecologically, she believes that if more people were capable of tapping into those other centers of wisdom within their subconscious, they become more aware and, therefore, more capable of addressing urgent issues around sustainability.

In fact, it was only as recently as last year, in the wake of the pandemic, when Dr. Dowling realized how serious the state of our planet truly is. She was compelled to widen the scope of her profession to encourage the “massive consciousness revolution” that is already taking place around the world.

“My personal mission,” says Dr. Dowling, “and the reason I started Sustainable Self, is to create greater harmony with human, natural, and technological systems. [...] How do we use things like artificial intelligence and data analytics to actually make real changes in the world—not just to develop insights, but to bring about healing?”


Key Highlights

  • Dr. Dowling describes her service offering at Sustainable Self, The Quantum Clinic, and its experimental scalar energy device, the RASHA, which allows its users to access a deep state of regeneration and self-healing.
  • As a species, we urgently need to make the switch from an egocentric way of life to one that’s more ecocentric. Dr. Dowling explains how her work ultimately aims to make more people responsible stewards of the environment.
  • Dr. Dowling shares her goal of amplifying the “massive consciousness revolution” that is currently underway.
  • How do we embrace this mindset of energetic consciousness and apply it to self-healing and self-improvement?


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