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Ever Forward Radio with Chase Chewning

Welcome to EVER FORWARD RADIO! The podcast that brings you empowering messages and interviews from industry leaders of fitness, nutrition, mindset, entrepreneurship and personal development to help you life a life ever forward.

Apr 3, 2017

Have you, or someone you know, ever struggled with finding the right diet? Has it evolved into disordered eating or even an eating disorder (yes, there is a difference)? This week's guest, Josie Mai, has experienced this same struggle and is here to tell you her story and that there is hope.

In today's world, we cannot scroll through our Instagram feed without seeing some sort of "#fitspo" or "#iifym", or watch a workout video on YouTube without their My Fitness Pal account popping up showing us exactly how much they have eaten in each macronutrient category. The problem is that this information is relative to THAT person only, and any people fall victim to applying the same or similar approaches to diet and exercise without first doing our due diligence on our own bodies. Every BODY is different, literally.

For those of you with whom this episode resonates or if you have any questions I encourage you to reach out to Josie. Her story can be seen on YouTube at Josie V Mai and on Instagram at Josie V Mai.