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Over 1,000,000 downloads and counting! This is the podcast devoted to help you build a life that propels you forward. You will hear exclusive content from industry leaders in health, wellness, fitness, personal development, business and entrepreneurship, the military and so much more. Host Chase Chewning is an Army veteran, ACE Certified Health Coach, and holds a BS in Exercise Science and MS in Health Promotion. The goal of Ever Forward Radio is to serve YOU by providing a source of information, empowerment, inspiration, and motivation. Let this be your catalyst that helps apply purpose to passion and live a life EVER FORWARD!
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Dec 18, 2017

Raymond "The Online Coach" Querido is many things: a husband, a father, a coach, and an entrepreneur to just name a few. He has helped hundreds if not thousands of people transform their bodies and their minds to become the strongest, most incredible version of themselves.

In this interview, we talk about how Raymond started his side-hustle and how that quickly become his passion, his life's work. From insurance salesman to THE ONLINE COACH, we learn about the struggles it took to jump all-in to his passion and how he is going to continue to revolutionize the fitness industry.

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Dec 11, 2017

When it comes to physicians that truly understand the whole picture - mindset, nutrition, and physical fitness - no one explains it better in our opinion than Dr. Jade Teta. Dr. Jade is a naturopathic physician, personal trainer, author, wellness expert and an all around kick-ass dude!

This week, we learn about his philosophy of how our mind, our metabolism and our muscles should best be approached for optimal performance. How EVERY BODY is different and should be treated as such. We are going to get out "HEC in check" (you'll learn what that means in the interview) and walk away with a profound new appreciation of just how incredible these things we called bodies truly are.

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Dec 8, 2017

Some reflection on what I feel holds us back in so many areas life. Why so often do not pursue what we WANT in life because we stay comfortable with what we SHOULD do. I challenge you all to become uncomfortable, for that is only when true change occurs. 

Dec 4, 2017

Climbing the highest mountains, rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, coming face-to-face with death and even losing several fingers to pursue his life's mission - STEP OUT, SHOVE OFF! Laval St. Germain shares with us what it is like to pursue adventure in a myriad of different ways and the obstacles that life (and Mother Nature) has in store during that process.

In this episode you will learn from an "expert at turning dreams into goals into reality, Laval St.Germain knows what it takes to unzip the tent door and step out from high camp on Everest for a cold, gasping, trip to the top or to shove off the dock to row alone across the North Atlantic Ocean.

Laval is the only Canadian to have climbed Mount Everest without the use of supplemental oxygen, the only person to have climbed and skied Iraq's highest peak, and the holder of the fastest ever crossing of the North Atlantic Ocean by solo ocean row boat from mainland North America to mainland Europe.

Laval has climbed the highest peak on 6 of the earth's 7 continents, and the highest peaks of more than a dozen nations. Uniquely blending extreme high risk outdoor adventure with the deliberate and strict adherence to procedures, checklists and risk management inherent in an airline pilot has kept Laval alive.

Laval is an acclaimed keynote speaker, with emotional and striking stories from up there above the clouds and out there beyond the ocean horizon."

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Nov 27, 2017

Christie Bailey is a one part entrepreneur, one part fitness cover model, and one part self-help junkie turned online business strategist. As the 2017 spokesmodel winner and IFBB pro competition, Christie knows a thing or two about the physical, nutritional and mental discipline it takes to dramatically change one's physique. But that wasn't what it was all cracked up to be, at least not for Christie.

In this interview, you will hear her journey about how she dove 100% in to this profession, how she quit her corporate job to pursue her true calling and how and why that dream shifted for her. Christie is now helping other fitness entrepreneurs apply purpose to passion and, as her mantra says, help them find their fearless!

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Nov 20, 2017

It is very rare when our guest can trace their trigger moment all the way back to early childhood. Emily Duncan's came at about age 8 when her dance instructor made a comment about her body type that sent her down a dark spiral of eating disorders, body dysmorphia and spent years trying to find a healthy balance and relationship with food again. Emily found an immense source of help and internal motivation once she started strength training. From there she became a professional bikini competitor, competing in over a dozen shows and even taking first place in her class in 2016 at the NPC Jr. USA National Championships. 

This episode can be summarized by this amazing quote from Emily: "Don't rely on the energy of the outside world to fuel you. Find out what makes YOU strong and what makes YOU awesome, and run with it." Emily lives a life ever forward through TENACITY - in fact it is her apparel line - and you will find an abundance of it in this episode and in her story. 

Emily is a, PESciecne and Gymshark athlete. Emily has an amazing and empowering podcast of her own, EmBody Radio, and can be found all over social media under "em_dunc".

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Nov 13, 2017

My second amazing guest from the proud country of Ireland! Today you can listen me interview Brian Keane and then go listen to his interview of me! Brian has the one of top-downloaded fitness podcasts in Ireland and I had the privilege of being a guest on his show "The Brian Keane Fitness Podcast". So make sure to listen here and then head over to Brian's podcast to have the tables turned and the host becomes the guest.

In this episode, Brian and I discuss his many obstacles that he had to overcome before creating this incredible lifestyle he has now as an online fitness coach, professional competitor, author, podcast host and father. Besides the training, besides the dieting... the EGO soon became Brian's biggest hurdle to jump, learning how he was getting in his own way. How his SELF was preventing his true success and happiness. We explore the concepts of ego both in and out of the gym and, most importantly, how to step outside of your ego and gain an objective view of your life, to see what is serving truly serving you and your mission and what simply needs to go.

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Nov 6, 2017

It is all about RITUAL, my friends! Establishing and honoring daily habits that will set us up for success for the rest of the day should be at the top of all of our priorities. But how do you know which are the best for you and, more importantly, how can you really tell if you are getting your money's worth? All questions we dive deep into this week with our special guest from one of our favorite supplements companies and proud sponsor.

Today's guest, Drew Canole, is the founder and CEO of Organifi and shares with us his incredible transformation story and how the power of juicing helped set him on his path. His incredible story of weight loss and self-discovery is one that I'm sure a lot of us can relate to. But interesting enough, Drew describes for us the NUMBER ONE daily habit that helped got him and keep him well - JUICING!

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Oct 30, 2017

Are you an obliger? Upholder? Rebel? Or questioner? These are what Gretchen Rubin has categorized and written about in her most recent book, "The Four Tendencies". In this episode, Gretchen and I discuss these four ways in which human nature, in her opinion, shines through. Best practices for how to show up in every situation your day and your relationships demand of you. If you are seeking a deeper understanding of how to improve your communication skills, how to better comprehend the actions of others and overall take your sense of awareness to a whole new level then you have tuned in to the right podcast!

You may recognize Gretchen from such amazing other works as "The Happiness Project" and "Better Than Before", as well as her TED Talk (that I still reference on a regular basis) "Five Half-Truths About Happiness". For all of Gretchen's amazing content you can check her website at

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Oct 23, 2017

Show up. Shut up. Two very clear and to the point messages that I took away from this episode with Mike Farr, a.k.a. Silent Mike as most of us know him online. After spending years of learning and training with the best at Mark Bell's "Super Training Gym" and co-host of the podcast with the same namesake. He became a student even though he was actively teaching others, something we should all strive to accomplish as we shed our layers of ego even more and more.

You can connect with Mike on his YouTube channel, full of great like-minded guests, tips and insight on how to progress in the gym. He is also a co-coach at Kizen Training and regularly posts on his Instagram.

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Oct 17, 2017

*FULL DISCLOSURE* This episode contains higher than usual usage of adult language but by no means does it make the message any less significant, in my opinion.

The gentlemen over at Mind Pump (Mind Pump Radio, Mind Pump Media, etc.) sat down with me to share their combined 40+ years in the fitness industry as trainers, coaches, and students themselves. We dove deep into topics that many of us have come to learn to be slight fabrications and even blatant lies about human physiology, nutrition and the health and fitness profession as a whole. We explore the evolution of an industry and how they found what works best for them, their clients and their audience in general.

We LOVE our sponsors! Thanks to Organifi and Freshly for partnering with Ever Forward Radio to provide incredible deals on quality products to our audience, not to mention helping the ongoing production of this podcast.

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Oct 13, 2017

"The best way to avenge yourself is to not be like that."

-Marcus Aurelius

Message and quote from Ryan Holiday's "The Daily Stoic".

Oct 9, 2017

When creating new habits in efforts to build a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and our loved ones, we often shift attention to our diet. We all have to eat, right? But how many of us have tried diet after diet after diet? How do we truly know how we are supposed to be eating, for our body type, or even what the human race has evolved to be better suited for? 

This week’s guest, Mark Sisson, has spent decades seeking the ideal way of eating for his own optimum performance and has created a library of invaluable content for the rest of us in the process. During these self-experimentations and studies of human physiology, Mark has shared his discoveries through his world-renowned blog “Mark’s Daily Apple” and his organization “The Primal Blueprint” providing recipes, books, other products and supplements helped to fuel the paleo, gluten-free and ketogenic lifestyle.

Mark’s latest work, “The Keto Reset Diet: Reboot Your Metabolism in 21 Days and Burn Fat Forever”, we learn not only about the latest science behind what it takes to get our bodies into ketosis for optimum fat-burning but some amazing recipes and dietary tips along the way. Over 100 delicious low-carb, high-fat ketogenic recipes to be exact!

Previous episode with Elle Russ - "EFR 017: Burn Fat and Reverse Hypothyroidism with The Primal Blueprint Diet"

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Oct 2, 2017

 Do. Whatever. It. Takes. That is the message you will learn from this episode's guest, Rob Lipsett. Rob is the epitome of optimism and positive vibes! This was one of the most fun and hilarious interviews to date, and an even more special experience catching up with him during my recent travels in Dublin, Ireland.

You will undoubtedly laugh your way through this interview, but don't miss the incredible value Rob brings to the table when sharing his story. The quote "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" could not be more applicable after hearing about his obstacles and tenacity when facing them, helping him get to where he is today.

Connect with Rob on his YouTube channel, Twitter or Instagram.

 And a HUGE thanks to our EF Radio sponsors! The growth of this podcast is not possible without partnering with products and services that also serve the greater good; helping others live a life ever forward.

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Sep 25, 2017

Mother by the age of 19, CEO in her 20's and now published author and national speaker Mary Shores is here to share with you how to "cleanse or clog" nearly every aspect of your life. If you are currently going through a dark valley, Mary's story will help you climb you to your pinnacle. if you are seeking ways to scale your already-successful business through improving your client, coworker and peer communication Mary's book and message will help you fine-tune the needed communication skills.

Mary's book Conscious Communications provides a "step-by-step guide to harness the power of your words to change your mind, your choices, and your life". Currently out on tour promoting her first book, she can also be found here on her personal website or on her social media accounts via Linked InFacebook or Instagram.

Sep 18, 2017

Get ready for one of the most enthusiastic guests yet! Greg Cheek, retired Major and former non-commissioned officer of the United States military, has made it his life's mission to motivate and inspire others. He has survived homelessness as a teenager, a twenty year military career, BEAT CANCER! These days Greg travels the world speaking to active duty personnel, prior-service members and civilians alike to help motivate and inspire them about overcoming life's adversities.

Greg shares his life's adversities and successes that resonate with anyone today seeking to better themselves through a philosophy built around optimism, visualization and action. He presents on an array of motivational topics including key note presentations, overcoming adversity and achieving your dreams, goal setting, dealing with cancer and illness, resiliency, collegiate faculty communication, healthcare communication between patient and provider, presentation training and overcoming speaker apprehension, leadership communication, breaking down communication walls, athlete and team confidence through effective communication.

Greg can be found all over social media and on his website here, and make sure to pick up his book Three Points of Contact here on Amazon or anywhere books are sold!

Sep 11, 2017

Have you ever stumbled across something that you immediately became obsessed with, needing to know everything about it and how to implement it into your daily life? Well that was the case with building a healthy mind, body and soul for Sophie Aris. After watching her first ever physique competition she was hooked, competing in multiple shows over the course of the next year or so.

But through this process of competing, Sophie also began to grow her passion for content creation and applying similar principles from the gym to her every day life and social media presence. Being semi-forced out of her 9-5 job as a public school teacher, Sophie went full-force into her entrepreneur mode; blogging, growing her Instagram, becoming a sponsored athlete by huge brands such as Nocco, Gymshark and Ghost, and creating as much content as possible to further enrich the lives of those people who follow her journey online.

Sophie's blog hosts amazing recipes and wellness insights, and her Instagram page is updated daily showing her giant smile or current workout routine (or both!).

Sep 4, 2017

If you seek out a digital form of programming or accountability in today's market you will most likely be overwhelmed with the amount of "online coaches". The term has all but been bastardized by social media and people selling get-lean-quick and cookie-cutter programs. Yes, these work for a small amount of people. But for this week's guest Kyle Hunt (and myself) that is simply not enough.

Kyle has been involved with digital accountability and online coaching log before it was trending on Instagram. He connects with his clients on a personal level to make sure they receive the utmost value and bang for their buck. In this interview, coach-to-coach, Kyle and I talk about the do's and dont's of this growing profession, what makes a good online coach as well as client, what to look for when trying to branch out this platform for both the trainer and person seeking to make changes to their life.

Kyle as a certified fitness trainer and nutrition specialist with his B.S. in Exercise Science. He hosts and produces the podcast Absolute Strength as well as serves clients in-person and online via Kyle Hunt Fitness. He has an amazing and motivating Instagram and can be found on most social media platforms under the same name.

Aug 29, 2017

Hate. It's just another four-letter word. It has a surface-level negative connotation if you let it. Matt Vincent, 2012 and 2014 Highland Games world champion and co-founder of HVIII Brand Goods, unpacks for us how he uses hate to his advantage.

With a strong (no pun intended) foundation in field games, Matt has spent the better part of a decade donning a performance-apparel kilt and hurling hundreds of pounds against some of the world's largest and strongest men. But this skill has carried over into much more, Matt and his brother founded HVIII (pronounced "hate") Brand Goods to help others see further into themselves, to do more, be more, demand more from themselves. 

Matt says it best here: 

"HVIII... is a strong term that many will find negative. Good. So do I. I refuse to not get better. It is not an option. I will make the sacrifices necessary to be the best. This attack on the self is necessary because if I don’t train everyday with the intention of destroying the old me, then I’m missing something. This is the fire I feel, that I want you to feel. This is the fire, the hate, the motivation for improvement.

There is no excuse not to improve yourself. No one gives a shit. People may coddle you, but when you sit alone, you have only yourself to blame. We have all had days when we come up short because we’re unprepared. If you are unprepared, then it is your fault. So take responsibility. There is something you can do about it."

Aug 21, 2017

Have you ever been called in to assist with a terrorist or hostage crisis? No? Well today's special guest has many times! Former lead FBI international kidnapping negotiator Chris Voss has seen it all and talked his way out of it all. 

For most of us, we have more of a chance of going up against a peer for that big promotion than trying to save lives. And that is just what Chris teaches us here; how to negotiate anything like your life depended on it. How to become a better listener, a better conversationalist and, most importantly, how to ask key questions to steer the conversation and negotiation in the direction we want. How to change the terms of a contract, how to get a raise, how to get bumped up to the next flight when yours gets canceled (a secret we learn from Chris' son in the episode). Bottom line - how to use simple tools to yield phenomenal results.

Chris' latest book, Never Split the Difference is an amazing read that gives step-by-step tactics to win everyday occurrences. His weekly newsletter, The Edge, is the icing on the cake for extra content on how to be an effective negotiator in any situation.

Aug 18, 2017

Welcome to your second weekly dose of Ever Forward Radio! This is the first (of what I hope to be many) end-of-the-week episodes to provide a little more drive, a reminder of why you do what you do and how to never let that gas tank run empty.

This episode I discuss one of my favorite new sources for inspiration and, well... philosophy. That is Stoicism. If any of you follow me on Twitter or have seen some of my recent quotes associated with my Instagram posts, you know what I am referencing. Stoics have an incredible way of bringing the most brutal form of honesty to any conversation, especially the ones we have with ourselves.

I encourage you to never forget your philosophy, the WHY behind you do what you do. If you are struggling to find one then I encourage, no I implore you to take the one that continues to serve me and make it your own and live a life EVER FORWARD.

Aug 14, 2017

Whether you are trying to lose weight or are seeking to better understand the human body on your own wellness journey, you have undoubtedly encountered that dirty little "F" word... FAT. We all have it, but why? What is its biological purpose? This episode dives deep into the science of this hormone and how it works for us and against us.

"Dr. Sylvia Tara, holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry from The University of California, San Diego and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.She was a healthcare management consultant with McKinsey & Company, and has worked for the world’s largest biotechnology companies.

After an extended battle with fat, Dr. Tara became fascinated with its resiliency and embarked on a mission to better understand it. This book is the culmination of years of research and interviews with physicians, patients and leading scientists. The Secret Life of Fat will forever change how you think about this misunderstood organ."

Aug 7, 2017

Function. Fashion. Very rarely do the two come hand-in-hand, especially in the athletic apparel industry. Nate Checketts sought to bridge this gap by creating a clothing line that went the extra mile again and again because he knew that was exactly the type of person who would wear it. His company, Rhone, is the product of a lifetime of entrepreneurial spirit, Nate shares with us his story of the lessons learned, mistakes made and what exactly it takes in order to successfully step out on your own and serve a need (and make it a thriving business at the same time.)

Rhone is for every man. Like their website says, "Whether running errands, jumping on a flight, or pushing hard in the gym, Rhone feels good, looks good, performs better. Ultimately we want to capture that which inspires all of us. Our belief is we can push each other and our product forward each day." And they even have "#foreverforward" as their driving hashtag, how perfect is that?!

Jul 31, 2017

Have you ever tried a new diet in hopes that it would be THE ONE to shed the weight you have been wanting to lose for years? Have you joined a gym or hired a personal trainer to only turn into a monthly donation? Or what about taken a look inside yourself, a physical and emotional inventory of how you were truly showing up to reach those goals? Most of us, being brutally honest with ourselves, do not have experience in the later. Our emotions are just as an important muscle to train for our wellness as any other body part we may be trying to sculpt. This is usually why we are not as successful as we may like because we are putting someone else's diet in our body, someone else's workout in our training routine and not truly listening to what our own body is telling us it needs and wants. We are our own experiment, our lives are truly a "n=1" case study.

Today's guest, Josh Trent of Wellness Force, is going to guide us down his path of personal enlightenment of how he used emotional intelligence to take inspired action to lose over eighty pounds, train and coach others and ultimately live a life ever forward. He will mention some amazing tools that helped him along his journey, such as in-depth metabolic lab testing from WellnessFX, physical activity trackers, apps such as Nudge Health Tracker and much more.

Jul 24, 2017

We are joined by The One Thing's Vice President, Geoff Woods today and learning all about how analyzing the five closest people in your life can really help set you on your true path. How asking 'What can I do for you?" will always come back to serve your goals more than you ever thought possible.

Geoff is an outstanding example of walking-the-walk when it comes to taking his own advice. We learn how in just ten short months he went from employee to helping launch The One Thing's empire with the co-authors of the worldwide bestselling book. Geoff walks me through several role playing scenarios in which things get real, real fast! I encourage you all to listen with open ears and an honest heart, as you will undoubtedly walk away with clarity on how to go about structuring your day, your calendar, your relationships and your life - how finding your ONE thing so that by doing it everything else becomes easier or unnecessary.

Make sure to check out Geoff's amazing podcast and free content here!

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